Unfreeze My Account Now Or Else . . . Sunday Igboho Dares FG

International News

Prominent Yoruba rights activist Chief Sunday Adeyemo also known as Sunday Igboho has accused the Federal Government of blocking his bank accounts.

He said the move was due to his resistance to Killer herdsmen havoc in the South West.

Igboho alleges that his bank accounts were freezed by the State Government because some people were taking donations for him.

Denying that he had nothing to do with the donations, he warned that his accounts should be unfreezed to avoid a national youth protest in the South West region.

Speaking, he said, “They have frozen my bank accounts because I am fighting a just course. I know Yoruba people are behind me. I will not relent. I must achieve my aims by putting an end to criminalities in Yorubaland. If they refuse to release my accounts, there will be serious protests across the South-West. Yes, the Yoruba are living in fear. They are afraid that the killer-herdsmen might attack them.”

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